Quit Smoking Quick and Easy

Breathing exercises are not an invention of the modern medicine. More than one Millennium they are actively used for yoga too. Such exercises considerable influence on the human organism.

They help for proper development and train the respiratory organs, cleaning the body from the adverse effects of smoking.


The exercises are performed very simply, so that you can choose to make them every morning and throughout the day. After these exercises, your smoking desire, disappears completely.

Exercise 1

When you feel a strong desire to smoke, get out in the fresh air. Stand back and relax. Breathe air with full lungs and hold itself in about 3-5 seconds. Then breathe out slowly. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

After this exercise, you may experience mild dizziness that is related to the saturation of the oxygen in the brain. The main result is that gradually, craving disappears.

Exercise 2

Fresh Air

Slowly breathe in air through your nose and breathe out a little faster. If you identify with a steam locomotive, 🙂 then the exercise will not only be effective but also fun.

Start to do it slowly and increase your pace gradually.
In one cycle do 30 breaths and exhale. After each cycle have 1 minute break. To reach the desired result, repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Gradually, you will start to forget thinking of smoking.

Stop Smoking

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