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I Am Diabetic

Diabetes – Prevention

What is diabetes? Diabetes develops when the body can not properly respond to glucose. People that have diabetes usually have high levels of glucose in the blood if the condition is not controlled.
Cabbage The Veggie Of Life

Cabbage – The Veggie Of Life

Cabbage is known as a plant that causes gas in certain people, but it turns out that it has many other health benefits. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that this leafy vegetable has the ability …
Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid of Longevity

This is the healthy food pyramid made by experts in nutrition from the Harvard School of Public Health. The pyramid is based on the best scientific evidence available for the relationship of nutrition and health. This …
Foods With Good Sources Of Fiber

Foods With Good Sources of Fiber

Ever wondering which foods might be good sources of fiber? Well these are some of them. In this article you will be given the most commonly used and cheapest products with good sources of fiber that will enable …
Black Tea Benefits

Black Tea – The Healthiest Coffee Substitute

Black tea compared to its “brothers” has the highest amount of caffeine, which means that this tea is an ideal replacement for the coffee and the energy drinks. The Black tea comes from the same plant as the green …