Stomach Virus Prevention and Treatment

Stomach virus is a disease caused by different types of enteroviruses. This disease occurs  throughout the year, especially in early spring and summer most often in the younger population but also in the elderly too.

Most of those infected (90%) did not develop any symptoms, while in others signs may occur such as fever, cold symptoms, symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, alternating diarrhea and constipation. In very rare cases, stomach viruses can cause complications, particularly in people with reduced immunity, such as brain and heart diseases, inflammation of the lungs and more.

Stomach Virus Treatment

These infections can be life threatening, especially in elderly patients, those who are dehydrated or have other chronic diseases.

The abdominal/stomach virus is most commonly spread through contact with infected persons or indirectly through contaminated water, food items (toys, cutlery, etc.).

If the food is not properly stored, not prepared and not washed well, especially the vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and dairy products, microorganisms of the perishable food will easily reach the intestine.

For best protection and prevention of this disease it is strictly advised to avoid contact with ill person, maintain personal hygiene, wash your hands regularly, thoroughly cleanse fruits and vegetables before eating, clean and disinfect all surfaces around you, most in particular toys.

Because of the possibility of an indirect route of transmission, it is necessary to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Given that the virus is very common among the younger population, special attention should be paid to personal hygiene and development of hygienic habits in children. Also, it is important to regularly wash your children’s hands during their stay in the nursery and school.

The treatment of stomach virus in mild cases includes symptomatic therapy and consumption of more fluids and vitamins to prevent dehydration, while in the worst clinical cases, additional treatment based on the recommendation of a doctor is imminent.

Treatment of stomach virus

The best treatment in case of stomach virus would be the intake of probiotics which in their composition have between ten and twenty billion germs. Also, a probiotic should be chosen by its clinical picture. For example, saharomices Bullard yeast is a good choice in case of diarrhea.

Combinations of these bacteria with bifidobacterium and lactobacillus are also recommended when you feel discomfort in the stomach or rumbling in the intestine.

The body tries to throw out all that is bad in the gut. Intestinal barrier initially tries to defend itself, and when it fails, secretes more fluid. So, when there is an intestinal infection, it is wrong trying to stop the diarrhea. It is necessary to make up for lost fluids.

A large number of defensive bacteria in the intestinal tract, fortunately, have the ability by themselves to make a barrier against the bad bacteria, by doing this in several ways: aid in the metabolism of certain nutrients, then, help strengthen the defense of the intestinal barrier, strengthen the immune system and fight bad bacteria coming from the outside.

But if the good bacteria gets destroyed, which usually happens after the use of antibiotics, (especially when used inappropriately or taken in long-term), the bad bacteria will start to increase. Then, a help “from outside” is what you need. To regain balance, it is necessary to recover as much of the good bacteria, which can be easily achieved by using/intake of probiotics.

There are many diferent types of probiotic products on the markets. However, not all probiotics are the same. Large differences exist in the composition, the amount of probiotic bacteria, production technology, quality and efficiency. Experts point out that care should be taken to apply only probiotics with proven composition.

Each probiotic type, in fact, has its own “genetic identity card” and is registered at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Permanent control of the manufacturing process prevents the possible occurrence of mutations and the presence of antibiotic resistance. Optimal combination of types and production processes by microencapsulation allows the probiotic bacteria preserve the vitality and efficiency immediately after entering the body.

Stomach Virus Prevention and Treatment
The occurrence of stomach virus is very common disease among people of different age but also easily curable condition too. These are some of the methods.
Stomach Virus
Date Published: 08/16/2015
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