Stop Coughing Immediately With These Few Remedies

Тhе winter periods are the special time of the year when colds and flu are most widespread. One of the most annoying symptoms that occur during the season of flu and cold is coughing.

Coughing can be very annoying because often disrupts sleep so many people besides the regular intake of tablets and syrups, turn to the natural remedies.

Stop Coughing Naturally

Here are some natural remedies for coughing, accepted as effective from many people worldwide:

– Honey – we can say for sure that honey is the most popular and most effective natural remedy against cough relief. Medical experts also agree that eating honey before bedtime will reduce the coughing and improve your sleep.
*/Attention! Never give honey to a child younger than 1 year./*

– Warm lemon water with honey. In a glass of hot water, squeeze the juice from one lemon and add a big spoonful of honey. This is a popular natural remedy for sore throat.
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– Onion and sugar syrup. Onion juice is a popular remedy for coughing. Many argue that it is the only thing that helps to relieve dry cough.

Here’s how to prepare it:
Cut off the bottom and the top of one red onion clove. Make a hole inside of the onion leaving the bottom intact and then fill in the hole with 2-3 teaspoons of sugar.

At the bottom, with the sharp tip of a knife, make small holes, then place the clove over a cup or bowl and leave it overnight. During night, the sugar will melt and a small amount of onion juice will fill the cup.

In the morning, take off the remaining sugar, which has left in the clove and mix it with the rest of the juice. Drink the liquid. Optionally, you can sweeten it with honey.The syrup, made this way, actually doesn’t have such a bad taste as you might think. Drink this syrup twice a day.

– Syrup made of onions, garlic, thyme and honey.
Mix half cup of honey with half cup of water and add one clove of grinned onion and one clove of grinned garlic to this mixture. Add a little thyme and allow the mixture to stand overnight. The next day, strain the liquid and drink it as a syrup. Store the syrup in the refrigerator.

– Cooked onions and honey. In a bowl, cook one chopped onion until gets soften. Put out the onion and mix it with honey. Eat small portions, every four hours.

– Tea of thyme or basil. The teas of thyme and basil also suppress the cough, but for maximum effect, while they are still hot, add one spoonful of honey.

– Ginger tea. Ginger may help to reduce coughing. Prepare it as a tea and enjoy the benefits of this hot miracle drink. */Ginger Ale – Recipe/*

– Syrup of horseradish and honey. Grind 1/8 teaspoon horseradish in ¼ cup of honey. Allow the mixture to stand for several hours and then drink it as a cough syrup. Apart it will reduce the cough, this syrup will also facilitate breathing.

– Hot drinks – tea, hot chocolate, soup. The coughing increases when the throat is dry and feel like scratching. To eliminate this sensation, you need to constantly intake hot drinks. You will feel great relief whether you eat soup, hot chocolate or any kind of tea.


In most cases, the cough does not require medial attention, but if you notice any of the following symptoms, please immediately consult your doctor:

– Body temperature higher than 38 ° C;
– You hear rough, trembling sound, coming out from your chest while you inhale and exhale.
– Pain or burning sensation in the chest;
– Difficulty while swallowing and breathing;
– Expectoration of thick greenish, pink or bloody sputum;
– The coughing lasts more than a week and the situation is not getting any better.

Stop Coughing Immediately With These Few Remedies
Here are some natural remedies for coughing, accepted as effective from many people worldwide.
Date Published: 07/01/2015
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