Stop the Hiccups with these few Easy Tips

There are few common culprits for the emergence of the hiccups like drinking soda (soft drinks), eating too quickly or overeating, strong emotions such as fear, excitement, drinking a large amount of alcohol…

The hiccup passes after a few minutes, but there isn’t anyone who does not mind and who would not want to stop it as quickly as possible.

So when you start to hiccup try some of these healthy tips that surely guarantee quick and easy stopping of the boring hiccups:


1. Apple cider vinegar

In one teaspoon put few drops of apple cider vinegar and then slowly moisten the mouth. The acid will help your body to quickly get rid of the hiccup.

2. White sugar

One of the most effective ways to curb the hiccup is to take one teaspoon of white sugar. After you take a teaspoon of sugar, along with, drink a glass of water.

3. Hold your breath

Hold Your Breath

Take the air, hold your breath and start counting. Count as much as you can keep going and then repeat the method as many times as you need until the hiccups stop.
(I use this method and it works like a charm for me. 🙂 )

4. Hold your hands up

Hold Your Arms in Air

Try to walk or stand with arms raised into the air. Breathe deeply and wait one minute. The hiccups certainly should stop.

5. Water

Water is also considered the most effective way to fight against hiccups. Drink the water sip by sip, with short breaks in between, by holding your head up to 90 degrees angle.

6. Salt and yogurt

The hiccups can be easily stopped by drinking yogurt, but for greater efficiency in a half cup of yogurt add two tablespoons of salt. Drink it sip by sip with equal intervals in between.


7. Put the fingers in your ears

Fingers in Ears

Perhaps it sounds crazy, but this method helps alot for stopping the hiccups. In this way, you stimulate the nerves connected to the diaphragm and the hiccups stops.

8. Breathe into a paper bag

Breathe into Paper Bag

Take a paper bag by covering your nose and mouth, trying to breathe so for a minute. By using paper bag, our blood starts creating dioxide.

9. Eat some fruit

The citrus fruit family can be very helpful when it comes to hiccups. This group includes lemon, orange , limette… eat one of these fruits and the hiccups stops. If you choose a lemon, eat it with sugar.

10. Dry bread

Eating dry bread and tenderly touching the upper palate with your tongue are a few effective methods for stopping hiccups.

Did you`ve tried any of these methods or perhaps you have your way of stopping the hiccups?

Share it with us in the comments below …

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