Stuffy Nose – Natural Treatment

In the season of colds, allergies, flu or sinus problems, the biggest nuisances are coming from the stuffy nose.

When you face stuffy nose, the most important thing is to keep it moist as much as you can.

Therefore in such cases the dry air is not doing any good for cleaning the nose, because drying of the mucous membranes may lead to further irritations.

That`s why you should always be careful if the air is damp enough.

If you prefer natural solutions, you can put wet towels on the radiators or pots with water, which will also help for keeping enough moisture in the air.
It is highly recommended more often to ventilate the room where you sleep and reduce or completely turn off the heating during the night, so you can easier breathe and fall asleep.

Stuffy Nose-Natural CureTo be able to help yourself, when you suffer from stuffy nose, it is good practice to use chili – peppers, spicy stews and soups well seasoned with pepper, which are very helpful for opening the airways, especially if you eat them warm.

Steam treatment is also very good treatment for a stuffy nose. The preparation begins with boiling water, in which you add 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil (you can find out more about the Eucalyptus Oil here).

You can also use oil of peppermint, chamomile or tea tree.
Cover your head with a large towel. Close your eyes and gently start to inhale the vapor.

For the “Rinsing the nose” treatment, you will need distilled water, table salt, baking soda and plastic injection, which you can get at your local pharmacy.

Mix half a teaspoon of salt with two cups of lukewarm water with a handful of baking soda. Put the solution in the injection and rinse your nose with it, in the sink.

While doing it, breathe through your mouth.

If you keep having stuffy nose, put two pillows placed on one another, underneath your head, which will hold it raised in direction to the heart. By doing this, there are less likely chance to get the nasal ways clogged and mucus will flow easier.

You have some personal natural method for dealing with the Stuffy Nose? Be sure to share it with us in the comments below. Take care and stay well.

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