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Banana Smoothie with Oranges

Settle on a sandy beach with turquoise waters, choose your palm tree and enjoy the taste of banana smoothie with oranges! With the last drop all the magic disappears, but, fortunately, you’ve prepared enough for another glass of this super sensational banana smoothie. Bananas are nutritious fruit that goes into the role of guardian of our health. Rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins, […]

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Natural Cough Suppressant Made from Cinnamon and Salep

This natural cough suppressant will definitely give you an extra fast cough relief and excellent taste of pleasure in the same time. Based on the symptoms and the secretions occurrence, experts differ two types of cough, productive and dry coughs. The main difference between them is the secretion of mucus. Dry coughs does not produce mucus, while in the productive cough exists excess mucus […]

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Major Cinnamon Health Benefits in our Daily Life

When speaking of cinnamon health benefits, the first thing we should mention are the main 3 types of essential oils contained in it’s bark (cinnamyl acetate, cinnamaldehyde and cinnamyl alcohol). The presence of these essential oils gives cinnamon delightful aroma and flavor by also making it perfect and powerful antiseptic. Besides these essential oils the cinnamon contains many different types of […]

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