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Lemon Top 30 Benefits

Lemon – Top 30 Benefits

For the lemon once by the Ancient Egyptians was believed  that has miraculous protection against many different toxins and some recent studies have already confirmed this belief. One of the best remedies Strengthens immunity and may help in …

Turmeric – The Guardian of Health

Turmeric is a spice made ​​from the root of the Turmeric Long plant, most known because of its health properties. This plant originates from India, but it also grows in the Caribbean. It is one …
Cranberries and its Healing Powers

Cranberries – The Health Leader Among Fruits

Hardly any plant with its fruits, like cranberries, which is a natural antibiotic, has confirmed its contribution to health, especially for treatment of the urinary tract. Its fruits are rich in various protective substances containing …