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Moringa Our Health Keeper

Moringa – The Super Food Which Boosts Your Health

The Moringa is one of several natural plants in the world that can be legitimately called as “super-food.” One of the most powerful super-foods finally found its’ way into the Western world and some medical professionals go …
Rose Hips Cut on Half

Rose Hips – Healing Spectrum of Properties

Rose hips are a rich source of vitamin C. Their medicinal properties were discovered by the ancient Greeks who named it as “Fruit of God.” If you have low immunity and you’re prone to infections …
Cranberries and its Healing Powers

Cranberries – The Health Leader Among Fruits

Hardly any plant with its fruits, like cranberries, which is a natural antibiotic, has confirmed its contribution to health, especially for treatment of the urinary tract. Its fruits are rich in various protective substances containing …