The Green Tea Health Benefits in Our Daily Life

Knowing the green tea health benefits will surely make us more powerful and prepared with the ability to stop or fight against many present health problems which are surrounding us.

Speaking the fact that the green tea compared with other types of tea lately records much more massive production, many presents it as a pure miracle of nature.

Many of us have tried this natural e and we all have different experiences about it. Some see it as delicious some don’t, but is it really that powerful as it stands for or it’s only а passing fad?

In China, this herb is known for several thousand of years. There is an old known proverb there that says: “Better three days without bread than one without tea”. And yes, many thousand years widely used and is still not out of fashion, meaning only one, the green tea is a really powerful weapon for the organism.

cup of green tea health benefits

Green tea has been prescribed with many features and rightly so, because green tea is a great source of antioxidants, prevents premature aging of cells, improves concentration, revitalizes the skin, prevents acne and has a good anticancer effect.

If you have a bacterial or viral infection, drinking green tea is a perfect choice. Green tea has an antibacterial and antiviral effect, strengthens the immune system and naturally helps it fight against pathogenic organisms and do so return it to its normal state.

The green tea possesses powerful anti-hypertension properties. It protects the heart, the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. So we can safely say that the green tea is something very important to be included daily in our life.

You can drink it warm or lukewarm and during summer, you may drink it cooler. The most important thing is just to drink it regularly, one to two cups per day.

Tea in China and Japan is often consumed in large quantities. It is an indispensable part of the day. Therefore, in China and Japan, the occurrence of cancer is significantly underrepresented, compared with any other developed country in the world.


Green tea contains caffeine, a small, but quite sufficient and ideal quantity. It helps the body to stay awake and active during strenuous physical and mental activities.

Green tea is the number one choice for the students, but also for everyone dealing with hard mental work lasting until late at night. The green tea health benefits are acknowledged by many studies.

Green tea is one of the few herbs that have been proven to have an anti-cancer effect. According to some research, people who have cancer in easier stage with five cups of green tea per day will significantly reduce the risk of its spread.

Green tea is recommended to be part of everyone’s menu, but especially for those who fed unhealthy or belong to a risk population diagnosed with cancer of any part of the body. The ideal amount of green tea is 3-4 cups throughout the day.

The presence of polyphenols, vitamins and many other substances in its composition makes the green tea perfect body ally. But like everything else you should not exaggerate with its consumption. According to some scientists, 800-1000 ml throughout the day would be the perfect dose of intake.

If you are anemic, before taking green tea consult a doctor because theoretically green tea can reduce the absorption of iron, if drank in larger quantities. Green tea is not recommended for epileptics, people allergic to caffeine, people who have a heart arrhythmia and those who suffer from insomnia, because its overdose has a similar effect as overdose with energy drinks.

Green tea reduces appetite, which in some cases, it is a great thing. If you are on any kind of diet, it has another benefit because reduces your appetite, cleanse your organism and helps you lose weight.

Note: Overdose with green tea is real, and it can be done with more than 8-10 cups daily. This can lead to general weakness of the organism, nausea, vomiting, arrhythmia, headache, insomnia, and blackouts. That’s why, drink green tea regularly, but not overdo with it.

The green tea health benefits are wide in range. For those who suffer from any bad health state to those who just want to live a healthy life.
Green Tea Health Benefits
Date Published: 02/13/2015
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