The Hidden Secret of the Toothpaste Package

I am pretty sure that many little know what do those printed colorful stripes at the bottom of the toothpaste package really mean.

Read on and find out the “CREEPY” details of their true definition, which are telling a lot about your toothpaste.


The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the bottom of the tube of the toothpaste and define the color of the stripe.

Toothpastes are marked with stripes with different colors, depending on their composition. You need to be able to recognize them easily.

In that purpose, in continuation we are giving you information about the different color stripes and their meaning:

Green Color – All Natural

Blue Color – Natural + Medicines

Red Color – Natural + Chemicals

Black Color – All Chemicals

There are disputed claims available to the customers, which state that these colored stripes have nothing to do with the ingredients contained in the toothpaste.
Accordingly, all these informations are printed in the list of ingredients.

The decision is yours. If interested, you should do a further research on the topic and find out which is the right way to select the perfect toothpaste for you.

Good Luck !

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