The Nasty Effects of Nicotine – Natural Protection

The effects of nicotine on your body in most of the cases can be fatal.

The Nicotine is considered as stimulant for the brain but that is only his positive side. Consumed in larger quantities can cause an occurrence of many fatal diseases including cancer.

Many smokers, in the cigarette, find a sense of pleasure and relaxation but in spite of this, the nicotine actually increases the occurrence of stress and depression.

It takes only 10 seconds after the person inhales, for the nicotine to get absorbed trough the skin of the nose, mouth and lungs and trough the bloodstream reach the brain.
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Then, by stimulating the brain it causes production of the hormone epinephrine also known as adrenaline. It starts to increase your heart rate and blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels.

Get Rid Of Nicotine

Along the production of adrenaline it also helps in production of another neurotransmitter, the dopamine, which directly controls the pleasure center of the brain.

But not all quantity of nicotine is transferred to the brain. There is another percent that stays in the body, especially the lungs. And these are the most nasty effects of nicotine which may occur.
All of these sediments are the main cause for occurrence of many fatal diseases such as lung cancer.

Quit smoking will surely help you regain the health state of your lungs and overall but considering the fact that this is a really strong addiction or habit, many find this hard to accomplish.

There are some products which can certainly help you to expand the airways.
You should be aware that the lungs can not become fully clean only with the consumption of these products, but you can at least, to some certain levels, get rid of the toxins and thus reduce the chance of cancer development.

Corn contains beta – cryptoxanthin which is believed that protects the lungs from cancer because it is a strong antioxidant. On the other hand, keep in mind that most packaged corn on the shelves in stores is genetically modified, so it is better to look at its origin.

It is a powerful antioxidant that can be found in various types of fish like tuna, salmon and cod, but also lamb meat, eggs and cereals. It is preferable to stick to eggs and cereals and try to avoid meat.

Both onions and garlic contain anticancer properties. Garlic helps for many diseases and infections and even lung cancer. Interestingly, at people who have cancer, it prevents its spreading.

This is a strong tool for dumping toxins from the lungs. If you drink tea with ginger root it will make your breathing much more easier and later you can eat the piece of ginger.

Besides already well known as a source of vitamins, oranges also contain cryptoxanthin which has preventive effect against lung cancer.

This herb is packed with large quantities of iron and is very useful as a lung disinfectant and fighting against many kinds of infections.

Pine Needles tea
This tea is traditionally used for mouth and throat rinsing, but can be a good ally in the prevention and fight against lung cancer.

There are many natural approaches that can help you cleanse your lungs. This recipe is one of those.

Compiled from pure natural ingredients, it surely promises a good detox for the lungs.

No matter the fact if you are a smoker or you are involved in presence of smokers around you, this home remedy will help you cleanse your lungs from nicotine and improve your health.

What you’ll need is:

– 400g garlic – First clean the gloves of garlic and then finely chop them in quarters
– one ginger root (chopped)
– two teaspoons of turmeric (chopped)
– 400g brown sugar
– 1l water

Put the water in a jar and start heating it. 5 min later add the sugar. When will start to boil, add the previously chopped ginger, turmeric and garlic and keep them until the mixture boils in whole.

Then remove the jar from the heat and leave it cool down to room temperature. The healing mixture should be kept in the fridge.
Take 2 tablespoon of this mixture every morning on empty stomach and another two at night at least half an hour after your last meal.

The wonders of nature will start to act as soon as possible and thus will start eliminating the bad effects of nicotine.

Write and share your experience in the comments below. Stay well.

The Nicotine is considered as stimulant for the brain but if consumed in larger quantities can cause an occurrence of many fatal diseases including cancer.
Date Published: 10/09/2014
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