The Powerful Properties of Salt Water

The sea salt water is truly beneficial to our organism.

Therefore, the summer holidays should be seen as a kind of spa treatment, after which you’ll return with shiny skin and hair, free from stress and other symptoms you’ve previously had.

Cosmetics manufacturers and manufacturers of medical products, since long time are using the goods of this kind of combination.

Salt Water Benefits

These are some of the benefits of using the sea salt and water


– Mitigation of the respiratory diseases
The salt water helps with irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose or sniffing, in allergic reactions and colds and alleviates diseases of the respiratory system in general.

Take small amount of clear salt water with your hands clasped, tilt your head to one side and sniff little from the water in one nostril, repeating the process with the other. The salt water will make a burning sensation, but it will disinfect the nasal cavity.

– Vaginal (white) discharge
For women suffering from inflammation or have intense vaginal/white discharge, rinsing with salt water is highly recommended. It is best to drip away from public beaches, where the sea water is the purest and healthiest..

– Varicose veins
Enter the water up to your waist and hips and start to “hike” through the shallows about half an hour at least twice daily. Movement in water has a similar effect as massage and its effect tensions and strengthens the veins.

– Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
Fill the bathtub with warm water in which you’ve previously placed two kilos of sea salt (or a lower amount if it is salt from the Dead Sea). After you spend about 20 minutes relaxing in the water, lie in bed and take a nap. The warm salt water is great therapy for joint pain.

– Rehabilitation
Due to the higher specific weight, the salt water facilitates lighter movement, so less lighter and painful become movements in case of bone fractures or diseases of the muscles and joints. In parallel, the effect of the rehabilitation is also greater.

Salt Water Nasal Rinsing– Cellulite
Because of the salt content in a concentration of 35 g. per liter, the salt water facilitates the osmosis of subcutaneous watery blisters and accelerates the release of liquids and cellulite.

– Acne and dermatosis
The combination of salt water and the aromatic salty air is perfect fragrant antibacterial balm. It helps in healing of wounds, cleans the skin from acne and helps various types of dermatosis and psoriasis.

– Skincare
The salt water is the best friend of beauty – strengthens the skin, restores it and makes it more smoother.

– Stress
The bathing in whole helps to relax and bathing in salt water helps us to discard all the “toxins” from the body that got deposited as a consequence of stress caused by the modern life.

The sea salt water is truly beneficial to our organism. Widely used in many areas, the salt water presents an excellent health ally in our daily life.
Salt Water
Date Published: 07/30/2015
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