Turmeric And Diabetes – Let Nature Heal You

Change in food habits, lifestyle, and stress have now made diabetes more common among people around the world.

Diabetes is the condition where sugar is not regulated properly due to low insulin production, poor metabolism of food, or stress. The reason for diabetes is either low insulin production by pancreas or improper insulin utilization by the body.

Due to increasing cases of diabetes worldwide and the death rate, WHO has projected that diabetes will turn out to be seventh prominent cause of death by 2030. Diabetes as a disease may not disturb your life if controlled by applying proper health measures, however it would turn out to be slow killer that would damage your organs if not kept under prescribed limits.

The best way to fight diabetes is to keep the sugar levels under control by adopting certain lifestyle changes and including some natural remedies into your routine.

The lifestyle changes that would help in curbing diabetes are:
– Eat healthy and frequently. Include frequent mini-meals in your diet.
– Keep a track of the sugar level by lining up regular checkups with your doctor.
– Exercise regularly. You may not indulge in to heavy workout routine to control diabetes, but go for 30 to 45 minutes of walk daily to get the benefits.

Whatever exercise you take up, make sure that it makes your heart beat faster and boosts your breathing too. The type of exercise you choose may also calm you mentally and soothe your senses for better results. Increase in metabolism due to exercising will eventually help in regulating sugar.

– Quit smoking as it can increase the chances of damaging vital organs along with diabetes.
– Control alcohol intake as drinking carelessly would result into heightened sugar levels.
– Keep yourself stress free to fight diabetes effectively.

Above lifestyle changes are helpful in keeping blood sugar levels in control, however you may also include some foods in your diet that are capable of controlling blood sugar naturally. Among many such natural remedies, researchers have found that turmeric plays a major role. – Turmeric The Guardian Of Health

How to consume turmeric?
Turmeric can be consumed fresh or raw based on the availability. Curcumin extract is also available for those who don’t like the taste of turmeric in their food.

This extract has many benefits over turmeric as it comes in fixed dosage and be taken conveniently. It can be used for faster results initially, which can then be maintained with the help of natural turmeric powder.

Turmeric and diabetes – The process of control?
Turmeric contains active component called curcumin, which is made up of anti-oxidants and chemicals that are good for controlling diabetes. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that help in fighting many diseases.

The yellow colored spice is the member of ginger family. It is already a part of many natural medicines used in Eastern countries. Research has shown that turmeric effectively brings down the blood glucose levels and also stabilizes the same.

Inclusion of turmeric in diet would make diabetes management easy as it would offer following health benefits.

– Boost Immunity – Immunity boost is very important in diabetes as it may result into other health problems too if not controlled well. Higher immunity built-up due to curcumin consumption would reduce other damages arising from diabetes.
– Anti-inflammatory – Inflammation for long duration would result into damages made to other organs. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and soothing. Mix it with milk and have it at the time of sleeping for better results.
– Increases insulin production – Turmeric keeps your pancreas healthy with its anti-glycemic properties. Healthy pancreas would produce more insulin and hence regulate blood sugar levels.

Make this yellow spice a part of your kitchen glossary, and enjoy complete health!

Author Bio: Karishma is into writing profession and have written on various subjects till date. In spite of her profession of writing on various categories, she prefers to write on fitness and health care out of her passion for this subject. Her work published on IshaPur – Nature’s Pure Source talks about various benefits of pure turmeric curcumin extract.

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