Turmeric Tropical Smoothie

What takes this tropical smoothie to the number one on the list is it’s the main ingredient which is, you guess, Turmeric.

First we’ll put some accent of the health benefits of the turmeric and then we will present you the recipe for making this astonishing turmeric tropical smoothie.

This is the most powerful healer among other spices giving us in parallel amazing taste as much as full body protection.


Little bit more about the health properties of this amazing spice from Heaven

Turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory and greatly antioxidant characteristics, which are significant in the prevention of inflammation and impairment caused by supposed free radical-remaining product disposed of in the process of oxygenation of the body.

TurmericRecent research made, has proven that turmeric acts preventively against arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, skin, any disorders of the liver and also pancreas.
What’s more interesting is the fact that turmeric is also very beneficial against prostate cancer among the other types.

For those who are pregnant or trying to conceive, the consumption of turmeric should be put on hold during this period. If you have any kind of more serious problems, you should always seek advice from your doctor about it.

You can check more interesting facts about the healing properties of Turmeric here on the following link Golden Turmeric Honey – The Strongest Natural Antibiotic


For 2 glasses of this smoothie you will need the following ingredients:

6 dates (pits removed)
2 bananas
1/3 cup (~100 ml) of coconut milk
2 tbs of cold-pressed coconut oil
2 tbs of cocoa powder
1 tbs of turmeric
1 ¼ cups (~300ml) of water
¾ – 1 2/3 cups (~100-200 ml) of crushed ice
You can use coconut flakes for decoration

Blend all the ingredients together with the exception of the ice and mix until you get a smooth consistency.
Use the ice in case you want to get nice and chilled tropical smoothie.

By using this tropical smoothie on a regular basis, you will get both pleasure and total body protection as well.

The Only Pure Nature team.



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