Water – Our Guardian Angel

Water, the most powerful substance on our planet. With it`s presence trough out the history it`s our main source of life.

Few know the fact that while we get thirsty we are already dehydrated and by this feeling of thirst our body actually alerts us that it’s time for re – hydration.

Our body contains somewhere about 50% to 75 % of water, depending on our age and life biorhythm. Regularly water intake, keeps your body hydrated, detoxifies your organism and also makes you lose weight.The body can not function properly if you have a lack of it.

The main question now is how to get use to drink recommended quantities everyday?
If you do find it hard to drink 2l on daily basis, then check the following tips which will help you successfully adjust its regular consumption.

Water in Glass

Carry a bottle of water with you

This may sound funny, but believe me this is one of the best methods to drink more water during the day. Choose your favorite bottle and keep it filled every day.

Add some fruit slices

You can add pieces of fruit in a jug with water. The fruit can be fresh or frozen. Also, you can add some essential oils that will give it a special taste.
For example if you use lemon, not only you will stay well hydrated, you will also get the healthy properties of the lemon itself.

Drink water before/after meals

Best time to drink a glass of water is half an hour before or after the meal. It is not advisable to drink water during the meal, because it can slow down your digestion.

Keep your bottle near you

If you always have it within your reach, then you will easier remember that you should drink it. Keep one bottle in your car, workplace, bedroom, etc.. You can even bring a small bottle in your purse.

Water has huge spectrum of properties (healthy and practical) for which will be discussed later here in our beautiful Nature  garden.
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Regularly water intake, keeps your body hydrated, detoxifies your organism and also makes you lose weight.
Water - Our guardian Angel
Date Published: 06/01/2014
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