What happens to Our body after We drink One can of Coke

Who doesn’t love one icy can of Coke? I love it. But do you know what this magical “liqueur” does to your body? I didn’t.

Fifty year old George Pryor is the latest in a series of “curious people” who decided to check how constantly consuming unhealthy food affects their body. Here are the results of his “experiments” …

Ten years ago, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock decided to test what would happen to his body if during thirty meals he eats only in McDonald’s restaurants. (This is the movie he made btw. It’s called “Super Size Me“)

This, then 32 year old guy, entered by 5,000 calories a day and by the end of the experiment he gained weight for almost 11 pounds. The index of his body weight increased by 13 percent and he recorded a considerable mood swings, sexual dysfunction … It took him fourteen months to return to normal.

Now, a decade later, fifty year old George Pryor from Los Angeles decided to make a similar test. During one month period, he was drinking ten cans of Coke per day, so he would he be able to see how so much sweetened beverage intake affect his health.

Until then, a healthy and sport submitted Pryor, in a month gained weight a little more than 12 pounds and his blood pressure got elevated to unhealthy 145/96. He also noticed that his body from time to time sought more sugar, despite the fact that only through this popular drink he was entering by 350 grams of sugar.

Pryor, who was recording all the changes in a every day video, says that what convinced him to start this “adventure” was the desire to increase awareness among people about how much sugar we consume daily and how it affects us badly.

“People need to be aware of the real power and influence that sugar is doing to our health,” he said. “I would never repeat something like this. I do not like to be so unhealthy. ”

Earlier this year the World Health Organization has advised people to halve sugar intake on a daily basis. In Britain are even considering the introduction of “sugar tax” to reduce the number of obese population which has reached an alarming level.


What happens to your body after you drink one can of Coke?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body after drinking one can of your favorite Coca-Cola drink?
We have the answer. See what’s happening in your body one hour after drinking only one can of this thing!

After 10 minutes
10 tablespoons of sugar enters your body. This is 100% more than the recommended daily dose of sugar.

After 20 minutes
Your blood pressure starts to rise, which also means that insulin levels are high. Your liver is beginning to respond by reducing the sugar and turning it into fat.

After 40 minutes
The absorption of caffeine is completed. Blood pressure becomes high and your liver starts releasing sugar into the bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in the brain become blocked.

After 45 minutes
Your body increases the production of dopamine by stimulating centers for pleasure in the brain. Heroin has the same effect on your body.

After 60 Minutes
Your metabolism becomes slower. This is caused by a large amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners in your body. You will start to feel the need to urinate more often. When the whole process is over, your body will remain dehydrated.

Regular consumption of Coca-Cola and other drinks and foods containing high amounts of sugar can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

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Who doesn’t love one icy can of Coke? I love it. But do you know what this magical “liqueur” does to your body? I didn’t.
Date Published: 09/08/2015
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