Why the Vegan Diet is so Important

The US federal panel, responsible for the establishment of new recommendations for human food consumption, suggests that Americans should eat less meat, because “it is the best for the planet.”

The Advisory Committee on the Dietary Guidelines is established in 1983 and for the first time, this year has credited an environmental sustainability.

The Importance Of Being Vegan

In this year’s recommendation, they state that a diet with fewer animal products is not only healthier but also better for the preservation of the whole environment.
The meat industry, however, strikes back, claiming that the panel has no authority nor expertise to make such assessments.

However, the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health shall have recourse to this recommendation in the preparation of the final guide for 2015.
Page 571 of the report, states that the average American diet is harmful to the environment in terms of emissions of greenhouse gases, but also inefficient in the use of water, soil and energy.


The alternative is a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seafood, legumes and nuts, with moderate consumption of dairy products and alcohol and limited intake of red and processed meat, candy, soft drinks and refined grains.

In a review of scientific studies, the Committee highlights those that have shown that the vegan diet is the one with the most positive impact on the human health.
“Organic vegan diet has the least negative impact on ecosystems and resources,” the report said.

The meat should not be consumed in large quantities because saturated fats can lead to cardiovascular diseases.
On the other hand, the lobby group of the meat industry point out that meat contains proteins that make people feel more satiated.

Although consumers rarely follow official recommendations, some representatives of the Committee of Public Relations says that they do reflect the state programs, such as school feeding, medical recommendations for supplementation for women, infants and children, as well as meals served in the army.

I personally think that it is about time for us people to start making some huge changes in our daily lives. The food is the key to almost every present disease and implementing a healthy vegan diet would lead to much healthier environments, especially for the kids because they will continue to build this world like it is.

What do you think about these attempts? Are they totally acceptable or maybe not?
Write down your comments bellow and spread this review so others can leave their opinions too.

Let’s start living healthy lives.




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