Yogurt Diet – Fast and Healthy

In a sea of diets that today can be found at magazines or the Internet, there is no single one who is perfect and healthy and which guarantees you the desired results.

The word , “diet” generally implies to a reduction of unhealthy food, which we all love, and increased intake of healthy foods that are not overly tasty. Luckily, one of those diets that will suit everyone’s needs is the yogurt diet, because yogurt as ingredient itself is commonly used and accepted from many people.

Why yogurt is good?

Yogurt contains probiotics, beneficial bacteria that lives in our digestive tract and protects us from microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections. There are many types of yogurt containing specific strains of probiotic bacteria which regulates digestion and strengthen the immune system.
If you suffer from certain health problems, such as bloating or constipation, and you do not have a problem with overweight it is also worth to try one of these diets, in order to regulate intestinal flora.

Yogurt is full of vitamins. Only one portion contains a significant source of potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc and vitamin B5, or pantothenic acids. Yogurt also contains vitamin B12, which encourages the development of blood cells and helps the proper functioning of the nervous system. This vitamin is mainly found in foods of animal origin, so it is very essential that vegetarians consume yogurt to make up for his lack.

Benefits from the yogurt diet

Yogurt Diet is based on the aforementioned properties of probiotic yogurt, which results in better digestion and elimination of toxins from the body, leading to weight loss. There are several variants of this diet and we will propose one in which everyday foods are combined in a way with reduction of bread, sweets and fizzy drinks.
Of course, if you find that this types of diet does not match you needs, you can always consult a nutritionist and create a diet tailored for you.

Healthy Yogurt* Recommended daily intake is two liters of yogurt. This diet version lasts three days, and can be repeated due seven days. Affordable, everyday ingredients are used in a reduced amount.
From spices we recommend only salt and pepper, possibly squashed lemon.

* For breakfast you can consume half a pint of fruit or plain low-fat yogurt with cereals. Also an excellent choice can be a cucumber salad, or maybe some version with apples, cinnamon and vanilla, of course mixed with yogurt.

* For lunch try to consume vegetables, stew it in olive oil and finally mix it with rice.
The second day you may eat chicken or turkey with an addition of vegetables. For dessert, be sure to eat fruit yogurt, that you’ve made yourself, and instead of sugar for sweeten, use honey and cinnamon.

* Dinner should contain some lean meat , as for example ham or chicken breast and low-fat yogurt. Or you can make pasta mixed with boiled egg and pepper, spiced with yogurt.

* If you want to implement this diet for a specified longer period, please consult a doctor or nutritionist.

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